Saturday, 19 April 2014

Currently Craving #5

The tittle pretty much says it all.. here's a few items that I am currently lusting after

1. Giorgio Armani Si - Perfume is such a personal thing and is super difficult to explain but I am just in LOVE with Si, it smells fruity and yet its not to in your face, I would say its a perfect spring/summer perfume! 
 2. Nars Tinted Moisturiser - Now that summer is approaching I think I would like something a little lighter for my base, I have seen this around all over the blogger community and everyone seems to sing its praises so naturally I know want to find out whats so good about this tinted moisturiser..

3. H&M Yellow Coat - Although summer may be approaching it's still not quite short's and a T-shirt weather yet in the UK, so I have been looking for yet another colourful coat to add to my wardrobe and this H&M beauty is screaming my name.. If only I wasn't a student on a budget *sigh* 
4. Givenchy Slip on's - Talking of being on a budget, this slip on Givenchy flats are way out of my price range but hey a girl can dream, out of this whole this I probably am craving these most! GAH. I mean just look at them. PERFECTION <3 Flat and chic..

 5. Pixie Glow Tonic - So this item is one of those beauty items that I would never of heard about if it wasn't for bloggers, the Pixie Glow Tonic is a toner and exfoliator and considering every single review has been given 5 out of 5 I am thinking it's probably some kind of wonder product that I need to try..

6. Molly & Polly - Last but not least I have been looking for a one piece swimming costume and I have been loving the website 'Molly & Polly" its an Australian brand with some kick ass suits.. 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

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