Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Mac Snob Lipstick Dupe

My all time favourite lipstick is Mac's Satin Finish Lipstick in Snob, It has been my go to lipstick for a good two years! I think it always looks fab and is natural enough for the daytime however when applied with an extra coat works just as well for a night out! LEFT PICTURE IS SNOB

I was in Superdrug today and was looking at the Revlon matte lipsticks and realised that Pink Pout is identical to Mac's Snob, I decided to by it's as it's half the price at £7.49!! RIGHT PICTURE IS PINK POUT 


Very similar shade! So it makes a great dupe! 
Same amount of lipstick in each case
Both have nice packaging, this isn't really similar however I think it's nice to know that they both look nice! 


They have slightly different finishes the Mac one is more creamy and is a satin finish and the Revlon one is a Matte lipstick 
I would say the Revlon was is less pigmented so one swipe of the mac lipstick would equal to swipes of the Revlon one, but I think this is good in a way as you can created a very very subtle lip shade with the Revlon! 

Overall opinion 

I really love this lipstick it is a great Matte Nude however if you want a really good dupe for Mac's Snob this is not it!! It is more matte and I would say this is more natural looking pink, so as a dupe I wouldn't recommend it but as a lipstick is is superb! :) 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Jumper

So I was in Topshop yesterday and was waiting for a friend to meet me and thought I would use my spare time to try on jumpers, I ended up purchasing Topshop's White Tall Geo Quilted Sweat  it had been reduced from £40 to £25 and I don't have anything like this in my wardrobe so thought it would be a nice addition. It is plain enough to wear with most items and have a awesome pattern on it ( plus it's super comfy to wear!!) You can also purchase this sweat in Regular it is just that in the store I was in it was only available in tall, which is so ironic as I am rather short...

Oh and if you wondering my necklace is from Primark! 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Friday, 27 December 2013

Currently Craving #3

I have spent pretty much all of my christmas money on make-up and beauty items, which I will do a post on soon.. I promise!

Now I have found myself falling in love with this ASOS shirt with.. wait for it... a gold sequin collar! It is casual and yet super jazzy (yes I did just say jazzy) in one top, plus it is cropped making it perfect with anything form high waisted jeans to a body con skirt! 

Peace and love B! XOXO 

P.S It's on sale so order it quick while it still lasts! 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

What I'm Currently Thinking

Christmas is over and in my household all the family are starting to leave and life is beginning to seem a little more normal and it has given me a chance to think about what I'm going to miss about Christmas...

1. Malteser Christmas Reindeers, do I need to say more. I love these, I am debating going and stocking up as I cannot last a year without them! GAH!

2. The fact that cosy Christmas Jumpers as socially acceptable.

3.  Getting to see all my family, if your anything like my family then you will understand that it is so difficult to have big family get togethers, which means that getting to see everyone at christmas is amazing and should not be taken for granted...

4. Christmas cheer, please don't laugh christmas has a way of making even the most cynical of people happy and pleasant.. come on it even made Ebenezer Scrooge happy! 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Saturday, 21 December 2013

How To Clean Makeup Brushes #1

This is something that is often overlooked and it really shouldn't be so many germs and product is caught in our brushes and we should not neglect them! 

There are two different ways to clean your make-up brushes:

1. SPOT CLEANING  - this is where you use a brush cleanser.  I recommend Mac's brush cleanser as it contains no oil. For this method you need a tissue, tea towel or old top (just something that you don't mind pouring the cleanser onto), the cleanser and your brushes. 

  • Put some cleanser onto the tissue or your chosen piece of material 
  • Swirl your brush onto it in circular motions 
  • Then ta-dah, your done, just leave them to try for a half and hour or so and your good to go! This method is favoured as it requires less mess and you do not have to wait overnight for your brushes to try so it is seen as the quicker method, however you do have to invest in a brush cleanser that can seem like a waste of money to some people. 

2. DEEP CLEANING - This is my preferred method of cleaning my make-up brushes as I think deep cleaning gives a better result. All you need is an anti-bacterial agent to clean your brushes with for example, fairy liquid or baby shampoo, I use Johnsons baby shampoo with lavender  and just a little disclaimer I have never used fairy liquid but I have heard that some other bloggers/makeup artists do use it. 

  • Put some Shampoo or your chosen choice on the palm of your hand and in circular motions clean the brush
  • Then dip in back in the water and rub the soap out
  • Then leave of a tea towel to dry overnight!
I hope this helps, it's something I never really knew about and thought would be helpful for you!

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Monday, 16 December 2013

Currently Craving: #2


Like a lot of people shoes are my weakness and in particular I love shoe boots so much! Here are the ones on my winter wishlist...

1. Kurt Geiger Bonjour boots in khaki. I think these boots a really subtle way into the cut-out-boots effect! BONUS these beauties are on sale at the moment!

2. New Look's Tan Suede chelsea boots. I am usually all for black chelsea boots but I am loving the deep tan colour to these it's something a little different and yet so classic. 

3. Kurt Geiger Bryony Miss KG biker boots in Black. These are amazing, I love biker boots as they are so comfy and are also really on trend, check these babies. 

4. Kurt Geiger Stitch Carvela boots in black. As you can tell I am loving Kurt Geiger at the moment and these boots will go with any outfit! 

5. Missguided's Cordia suede block heel chelsea in deep green. These are perfect if you want something different and that is specifically on trend at the moment, these deep winter colours are super in at the moment!

6. Kurt geiger Shirt Carvela shoe boot's in black. I adore these boots, I literally tried to buy them in my closest store but the shop did not have my size! If you have wide feet these shoes may not work for you however give them a look as they are stunning!

7. Missguided's Nisetta shearling lace up ankle boots in tan. I think that these boots look super warm and comfy and will be a winter staple!! love love love!!! 

8. Frye Jayden Cross Strap Ankle Boots in black. I know these are a little pricey however they look like they will last forever and be an amazing investment buy!

9. Zara's TRF's high heel leather ankle boot with a track sole. These are last on my least but by no means least! They are fabulous and the block colouring gives them an edge on all the other cut out boots that I've seen, also little side note - I personally find rubber soles tend to be more durable and so they should last longer! 

Do you have a favourite pair of ankle boots this winter? 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Monday, 9 December 2013

Review: Clinique Foundation

I have to say, as someone who's struggled to find the perfect foundation, the Clinique superbalanced foundation is fantastic. I've got very sensitive skin and so finding a good foundation proved to be incredibly difficult. I tried so many different brands ranging from maybelline to collection 2000, but all of them made my skin incredibly dry.

A few months ago I decided to go and find a decent foundation that was right for my skin. So I went to fenwicks and the first stall was clinique, I got a personal make-over and the clinique superbalanced foundation seemed perfect. It was matched to my skin tone and it was perfect.
I purchased this foundation at £22, and despite being double the price of the average foundation, I can still say months on that it is perfect.

I would highly recommend this:
- it smells good,
- its not too thick but still has a good coverage,
-  it is can be applied easily.
- it lasts a long time

I use the clinique foundation brush too and this makes it incredibly easy to
apply the foundation for a good and even coverage.

Lots of love, Emily x

Friday, 6 December 2013

Review: Dove Repair & Protect Products


I have long blonde hair and it can get really tangled, dry and damaged, so when I was in my local Sainbury's I saw this on offer and invested. I have been using it for a couple of months now and my hair feels so much better, it's softer and looks healthier so I would defiantly recommend. 

Smell- ****
smells pretty good, quite a subtle smell which is great for me as I didn't want anything to over powering. 

Price - *****
at £2.50 its great value for money.

Packaging- ***
Plain not anything special. 

Repairing hair- ****
Best I've found so far, but obviously it can only do so much. 

peace and love B! XOXO

Review: Models Own Nail Polish

I have tons of different nail varnish's, which is kind off a strange thing for me as I have TINY nails! I just bought Models own ice neon 'bubblegum & pukka purple.' 

I am going to be 100% honest but please remember I am not saying this will defiantly work or not work for you, everyone is different and you might love something I hate and visa versa. 

These two colours are my first models own nail polish's, in all honestly I was out shopping and just came across their stall, I bought the nail polish's for the colour and later when I got home I did a little research into them NEW TIP: the only way to keep bright colours supper bright is to keep them cold, ideally in the fridge... Who knew?!  

All models own nail polish's are £5 which is a pretty good price as they are not super cheap or super expensive. I found that the nail varnish was of good quality and the pricing was perfect as I didn't feel ripped off, in fact it felt like a bargain!

The  brush was just a typical brush and the nail varnish applied well, I found that one coat was plenty as it is quite pigmented and thick. This is super handy as I don't have to paint one layer on and then wait for it to try and then do another layer. It's nice a simple - one layer. It took 3-4 to chip and I didn't have a top coat on, which is fab, although I would defiantly recommend a top coat 

The colours of both are so nice a bright, which was just what I wanted, I found the pink to be a lot brighter as you can probably guess from the bottle. So if you want a colour to pop and stand out from the crowd go for the pink! On the other hand if you want a bright colour that is an understated beauty go for the purple. 

Now to my favourite thing about these nail varnishes.. The bottle. I know 'you shouldn't judge a book by its cover' but it's just so pretty. I frosted bottle looks so classy and feels so nice to hold and yet the colourful cap keeps it fun and lively. 

Go check out the rest of the collection at http://www.modelsownit.com/products/nails/ice-neon-collection.html

peace and love B! XOXO

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Currently Craving.


FESTIVE JUMPERS. Thats what I am currently craving... 

I am LOVING festive jumpers at the moment, I think they are fabulous. I'm not really sure why I am suddenly so taken with these jumpers but hey-ho.. who cares!! It's just giving me another excuse to go and do some shopping! Anyways here are a few of my current favourite jumpers..

1.ASOS Fluffy Christmas Jumper With Snowflake. If you want a subtle way to wear a festive jumper than this is it, fluffy jumpers are all the rage at the moment so you will look super chic. 

2.  Topshop's Knitted Sequin Present Jumper. I think this is my favourite jumper out of the lot, it looks so classy and christmasy! The only downside to this jumper is that it is a little pricey , however it will last for years and years! 

3.  Topshop's Knitted Gingerbread Man Jumper is ideal for all of those girls who want to make an impression, this bright red colour will make sure your jumper is one to remember.

4. Boohoo's Kourtney Cheeky Reindeer Christmas Jumper is ideal for chirstmas day, your not overdoing it, and the muted colours keep this jumper simple yet fun and festive. 

5. River Island's White Christmas Fair Isle Jumper is unforgettable. I LOVE IT, and it's on sale too! I think I might have to invest in one.

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Recent Buys!


I have been doing a bit of online shopping this week as there have been some bit and bobs I have wanted for a while. I thought I'd splurge and invest in some new key winter staples. 

The first thing I bought was this tartan oversized smock dress, I love love love tartan! I also know it is HUGE at the moment and so couldn't resist this dress when I found it on Boohoo. I think this dress is going to be so cosy in the winter with loads of layers and thick black tights. I don't usually buy dark colours and I don't own anything like this, so I think it is going to make a great addition to my wardrobe!


The second thing I got was a pair of wet look leggings in black. I know these have been around for ages but I never really thought about getting a pair, as I wasn't sure if they would suit me. However I really like the look of them and think they would be super easy to dress up or down, and at £6(COMPLETE BARGIN)I decide to invest in a pair!

the third item I bought was an ASOS Colour Block Baseball Top. I've noticed these have been really popular lately. They look like they can pretty much go with anything. I bought this top in black and white as it is a really simple colour palette that can be worn with anything! I'm actually wearing it today with a pair of high-waisted black leggings, a maroon scarf and utility jacket. 


The last thing I bought is a pair of black heeled chelsea boots from Boden. I think I need to confess that I have a huge weakness for ankle boots, which I'm sure will become apparent as this blog progresses.. Anyways, I have wanted these boots for a couple of months now but haven't been able gain the courage to buy them as they are quite pricey. However I gave in, I went onto the Boden site yesterday and to my amazement they were on sale!! With £40 off I couldn't resist any longer. 

Peace and love B! XOXO 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Who are we?

We are two girls who have a common interest in fashion and the lifestyle that comes with it, so we decided to created a fashion and lifestyle blog together..by the way our names are Bella & Emily! trips to places all around the world trips to places all around the world has made us realise that there is more to life than our little English countryside village so we thought we would try and join the world of blogging!

Hello, My name is Bella. I am 18 years old and was born on the 16th of august 1995. As you may have guessed I am a bit of a fashion and beauty addict and so am super excited to start this blog with Emily! I live in a small village, go to a small school and can’t wait to go to university next year to study fashion management or fashion buying and merchandising. I spend pretty much all of my spare time reading fashion blogs,fashion magazines or shopping, so you could call me a obsessed. I’m not sure how much more I can say about myself… I hope you enjoy and like ‘we want what she’s got’ I would love to hear any comments you have!

Peace and love B! XOXO 

Hello, I'm Emily. I'm 17 years old and was born on 27th August 1996. I live in a small village South-East of London.I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing, but I thought it would be good to give it a try to share my love for fashion and everything it entails with anyone and everyone. Sharing a similar interest with Bella has meant we could so this together, seeing as I'm a newbie. I'm planning on studying fashion communication & promotion at university next year, a similar course to Bella and so we decided that this would be a fun an effective way to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead in the future. I'm pretty sure you'll all be bored of reading 'about me' now but I hope you'll share your love for fashion with us and enjoy 'we want what she's got'. 

Speak soon! Emily.. Xxx

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