Thursday, 26 December 2013

What I'm Currently Thinking

Christmas is over and in my household all the family are starting to leave and life is beginning to seem a little more normal and it has given me a chance to think about what I'm going to miss about Christmas...

1. Malteser Christmas Reindeers, do I need to say more. I love these, I am debating going and stocking up as I cannot last a year without them! GAH!

2. The fact that cosy Christmas Jumpers as socially acceptable.

3.  Getting to see all my family, if your anything like my family then you will understand that it is so difficult to have big family get togethers, which means that getting to see everyone at christmas is amazing and should not be taken for granted...

4. Christmas cheer, please don't laugh christmas has a way of making even the most cynical of people happy and pleasant.. come on it even made Ebenezer Scrooge happy! 

Peace and Love B! XOXO