Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Mac Snob Lipstick Dupe

My all time favourite lipstick is Mac's Satin Finish Lipstick in Snob, It has been my go to lipstick for a good two years! I think it always looks fab and is natural enough for the daytime however when applied with an extra coat works just as well for a night out! LEFT PICTURE IS SNOB

I was in Superdrug today and was looking at the Revlon matte lipsticks and realised that Pink Pout is identical to Mac's Snob, I decided to by it's as it's half the price at £7.49!! RIGHT PICTURE IS PINK POUT 


Very similar shade! So it makes a great dupe! 
Same amount of lipstick in each case
Both have nice packaging, this isn't really similar however I think it's nice to know that they both look nice! 


They have slightly different finishes the Mac one is more creamy and is a satin finish and the Revlon one is a Matte lipstick 
I would say the Revlon was is less pigmented so one swipe of the mac lipstick would equal to swipes of the Revlon one, but I think this is good in a way as you can created a very very subtle lip shade with the Revlon! 

Overall opinion 

I really love this lipstick it is a great Matte Nude however if you want a really good dupe for Mac's Snob this is not it!! It is more matte and I would say this is more natural looking pink, so as a dupe I wouldn't recommend it but as a lipstick is is superb! :) 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

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