Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Review: Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish in Mind The Gap, Victoria.

Review : Rimmel 60 seconds mail varnish in Mind The Gap, Victoria. 

The bright light blue nail polish is really lovely, the  Rimmel 60 seconds range is fab partially as they all have quite large brushes meaning one swipe pretty much covers my whole nail and although I don't think it dries in 60 seconds it does dry faster than most other polishes, 

I would suggest doing two coats though as it is quite a thin nail polish- this doesn't really bug me as I would usually do two coats however if you wanted a one coat nailing polish this probably isn't it 

At £3 I think this is a bargain because I can use it relentlessly and feel as if it will lash ages!! It's a perfect spring hue it's making me hopeful that sunnier days are on their way !! 

Peace & love B XOXO

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Acrylic Nails

So I've recently decided to get acrylic nails, I've never normally been a fan but I thought I would give it a go to divert my attention from my horrid winter nails. 

We all know that the sun makes your nails grow faster and makes them stronger, and there's been very little sunshine in the UK for months! 

Therefore, I decided to go for these acrylic nails! I chose this pink/plum colour because I thought it brings a little bit of brightness to my nails as well as being suited to the winter weather! 

The process of getting them was very easy: 
1) file down nails 
2) use a small drill to run over the nails
3) glue the nails on
4) cut and file the nails down to the right height and shape 
5) apply a thick paste on top
6) add two coats of your chosen nail varnish 
7) apply a clear coat
8) put under a heater to dry 

I had these done in a new little nail bar in Sevenoaks, Kent. The price was only £15 for a full set and they have proved to be really worth the money. I have had them over a week now and they haven't shown any signs of chipping or coming off. 

I would definitely recommend getting acrylic nails, they are absolutely fantastic!

Lots of love, Emily x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

What I Wore - Think Pink.

Last weekend was so lovely and bright, I could have been fooled into thinking it was Spring.. So in honoured of this lovely weather ( that we don't get a lot of in England) I thought I would dress up with some nice bright colours. I choose to make my outfit Pink as well what Girl doesn't need a bit of Pink in her life! 

- Coat (old but similar here) - Top (similar here) - 

- Necklace(Primark) - Jeans - Shoes ( old but similar here) - 

 - Eyeliner - Mascara - Foundation(Shade NC20) - Blush (tickled Pink) - 
- Lipstick  (forbidden Burgundy, used as a stain so comes out a lot lighter than fully applying the lipstick!)- 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Style Edit: Carrie Bradshaw Worthy Jumpsuit

I was just having a little browse on the Misguided website and came across this little beauty. I have promised myself to try my very hardest to stop impulse shopping and so I resisted the urge to add this one piece wonder to my shopping basket..

All that comes to my mind when I look at this is CARRIE BRADSHAW.. *sigh* if only I had her wardrobe! 

 Peace & Love B! XOXO

Monday, 20 January 2014

Review : Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast Mascara


Price - £10.00
Purchased From - Boots
Size/amount - 10ML
Colour - Black 
Range of product - High definition & Lash Extension are the two other mascara's in the Thick and Fast range. 
The GOOD things, I really like the consistency of the mascara it doesn't flake, stays on well and is easy to take off, the mascara gives your eyelashes a nice curl and doesn't require me to use eyelash curlers to get the desired effect. 
The BAD - the brush, it is just too big for my eyes, I mean it is literally bigger than my eyes and just becomes incredibly messy to apply! So is NOT FAST to apply.

Would I repurchase - No - it's just too messy!

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Little Idea #1

Wearing a shirt instead of a cardigan

Shirt (old but similar here)- Top - Jeans - Socks (old but similar here)

I was in a rush today and couldn't find a cardigan anywhere so in a mad panic I picked up a check shirt of mine and threw it on top of my outfit, now it is safe to say I love this idea. I know I am not the first person to think of this idea however I never really see anyone do it...

Have you got any idea's you want to share with me?

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Best + Worst Dressed of the Golden Globes 2014.

The Golden Globes has just been and I've spent my last few days having a little look at what the clebs wore, here's my Best + Worst dressed list! 


Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery, Amber Heard, Emma Watson & Kate Beckinsale


Lena Dunham, Naomi Watts, Julia Roberts & Berenice Bejo 

What do you think??

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review : Vaseline Spray & Go Mosituriser

I've had this for a couple of weeks now and really love it! It's so convenient, particularly if you have to run out the door to go to school or work etc. It dries and absorbs very quickly meaning my clothes can go on straight away.


  • Product - Vaseline, Spray and Go
  • Price - £4.99
  • Purchased From - Boots 
  • Type - Aloe Fresh
  • Size/ Amount - 190ml
  • Scent - Very refreshing, 
  • Range - two other scents, Cocoa Radiant or Total Moisture.
  • Opinion - I really like this moisturiser it does what it says on the tin, gives very quick drying moisture to my skin, very easy to use. Helps my skin defeat this horrid winter weather. However I think cream moisturisers gives better value for money as this is £4.99 and I can feel it going down rather quickly.  
  • Would I repurchase - Yes.

Monday, 13 January 2014

New Purchase - Topshop Ankle Boots

So for a while now I have been craving a pair of new black ankle boots! For Christmas I got a trip to Paris in February and I decided that this was the perfect excuse to buy some stylish, everday ankle boots! 

I wanted to buy some that were adorable and affordable, and with a £20 gift card I had for Topshop I decided Topshop was the place to look! I generally try to avoid shoe shopping in Topshop because I find that I fall inlove with shoes that are far too expensive for me to buy! However, these boots were only £38! 

The boots are black suede and have a thin gold cap around the toe and gold studs up the back of the ankle to match the gold strap on the side. Although I originally wanted plain black boots, I loved these because although they were plain black.. They also had that extra bit of detail which makes them even more stylish! 

I am generally a size 4/5 however when they had ran out of my size I decided to try on a size 6 and these were suprisigy comfortable. They are definitely the type of shoe that I would go a size up in because they may be hard to get on if that are the actual size. Also I tend to wear thick fluffy socks with these boots too! 

The boots have a slight heel, very slight! And this makes the boots more stylish and chic in my opinion as it shows they are not just a crappy rubber sole which will ware-away in the winter weather. 

Although they are winter boots, I personally would not wear them in the rain due to the suede material and I think this would be the only downfall with these boots! 

I would definitely recommend these! 

Lots of love, Emily x

Review: Mark Hill - Extreme Heat Protection Spray

This product has to be one of my favourite hair care essentials. Mark Hill's extreme heat protection spray is one product that does EXACTLY what it says on the bottle, which is perfect! 

I always used to struggle with my hair as I regularly found myself straightening my hair on a day-to-day basis and coming back to find I had TONS of split ends, which we all know is awful! So I put it down to the extreme heat I was putting my hair through regularly.
I spent a long time in Boots trying to find a reasonably priced heat protection spray and finally came down to this one!! 

Many sprays have an awful odour, but this is fine! The smell disappears over the course of a few hours and smells almost fruity! 
The spray also doesn't make your hair feel moist or damp as the moisture quickly disappears. Equally, it doesn't make your hair dry up either!

I would definitely recommend this product, even though it says 'extreme' it is still effective if you are drying your hair on the hottest setting on the hair dryer, nowhere near as hot as straighteners or curlers.

Lots Of love, Emily x 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Review: Baby Lips

The Baby Lips that I am reviewing today are 
In the UK we don't have a huge range of baby lips however we have most of the classics. I first bought Pinch Punch and Peach Kiss as I heard Bethany Mota talking about Baby Lips and thought I would give them a try. In this review I talk more about the colours etc as I don't think these are the most moisturising lip balms and if you have really chapped lips I would probably recommend Vaseline lip balm or Nivea, however these are great for trying to keep lips hydrated when in good condition. 


I love the colour of this one, in my opinion it is the most pigmented and has the strongest colour pay off. Whenever I wear this Lip balm I always get comments from my friends saying they love my lip colour, at first I actually didn't realise how bright it was and so if you shy when it comes to lip colours then this is probably not the best baby lips for you! However I LOVE it! I would call it a barbie pink and is great fro brightening up you look on a cold winters day ( which seems to be everyday at the moment in  the UK.) I keep this one in my pencil case at school so it's always handy if I have dry lips at school.


This is my latest purchase as I don't really own many Red Lipsticks as I don't think they suite me very much, however its a New Year so I'm trying it out, this is really subtle and isn't too strong. it's probably not my favourite however I will use it particularly if I am wearing Red Lipstick and want to use this as a colour enhancer. This one is kept with most of my other lipsticks as I don't reach for it daily. 

This is probably my favourite Babylips, I is my favourite smelling lip-balm however they all smell so good! They colour comes out as a subtle nude which is perfect for me and fits into my everyday routine. It has a slight sheen but nothing too noticeable. I pretty much always have this with me however it often sits on my dressing table with a few of my other most used lipsticks. 

I got this free in boots, as there was an offer - if you buy 3 Maybelline products you get this Lip Balm free!! I haven't ever seen a Babylips with this packaging before ( maybe it's an older version?!) however it is the most moisturising out of the ones I have. I use it every morning when I wake up to hydrate my lips. It is sheer but not too shiny so works really well as your average lip balm however something about it just doesn't feel quite as special as the other ones, I think its because this is more of a useful tool than another beauty item... Haha!!

Would I Buy More?

Yes!!  however I buy these because of the colours and not because I think they will help my chapped lips, I really wouldn't suggest getting these if you need some serious care, but they are great for a lip balm / lipstick combo. 

Peace and Love B!XOXO

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Cosies

Two of the most important things in the Winter, for me, is to be warm and cosy. Two of my winter essentials have to be a fluffy dressing gown and bed socks!

Getting up in the morning is hard enough when it's still dark outside, and the only thing that makes it better is putting on my dressing gown. This one from Next is long, fluffy, cosy, covered in reindeer and totally reasonably priced! I would highly recommend Next for winter warmers as they are stylish and reasonably priced with fantastic quality.

Fluffy socks have to be a winter essential for EVERYBODY! It's one thing to walk around on the cold kitchen floor in thin socks, but its a whole new story in bed socks! These socks are actually from Sainsburys, I've never thought of buying clothes from the TU section in Sainsburys, but these have proved to be a success. Although they are only socks, they are still something that need to be good quality and its safe to say that these are of high quality, warm, soft and cosy! Perfect for a lazy day around the house in the winter, or even inside a pair of winter boots when out and about!

Lots of Love, Emily x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

ELF Haul

E.L.F  Haul - which stands for Eyes.Lips.Face ( Who Knew.. well everyone bar me apparently!!) 

I spent £28 with postage and packaging so I feel like you really do get great value for money at E.L.F. All the products I bought are pictures on the left.

What I Bought.

  1. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Set - It was 50% off and is perfect for when I feel like experimenting with some new make-up looks! I would like to add the eye shadows arn't quite as bright as they appear in the picture however that doesn't really bother me...
  2. Eyelid Primer - I think this is probably my favourite purchase and at £1.50 it is an major bargain, I bought the primer in pearl and it is stunning I have also been wearing it on its own as I think it is a great bright everyday colour, however this eyelid primer is shimmery so if you want a Matte base this is not for you!
  3.  Studio High Definition Powder - I like this and bought it in translucent, I bought this because I am looking for a good setting powder and I will keep you updated with this one as I have no used it enough to give you my full opinion, however the packaging is kind off silly as the holes in the top mean it is not very portable. 
  4. Eyeliner and Shadow Stick -  I bought this in the colour Brown/Basic for an everyday look and I do really like the product however the shadow stick is more of a coper than an everyday eyeshadow so the picture is a little misleading, I don't mind this too much as I can always find another occasion to wear it!
  5. Mineral Foundation - This cost me £2.99! I think it gives a light matte finish and it is perfect for those days when I want to have a 'no make up, make up look.' It's also great for when I don't want to put on liquid foundation. I also bought medium beige which turned out to me a great match for me!
  6.  Studio Pigment Eyeshadow - I bought this in two colours, Innocent Ivory and Baked brown. I think this eyeshadow is so cool, you need the tinniest amount and then you blend it in and it becomes this luscious full colour! I honestly say you need to try these. The only downside for me was that Innocent Ivory was more of a pinky/white and so isn't going to work for the inner corners of my eye! 

Me With the E.L.F Make-Up On... Do you have any favourite E.L.F products? 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Thursday, 2 January 2014

December Favourites

1. Studio London's Pretty Natural Palette is amazing and on sale at the moment so check it out. This set offers and unbelievable amount of value for money, When I bought this palette is was £13 and even then I thought it was great value. 

  • the blush and highlighter set has become a staple of mine as it overs brilliant coverage and suits my rather pale complexion perfectly.  
  • The eye shadow's are probably by favourite thing about this set and I find the gold one to work's fabulously as a warming highlighter!
  • The eyeliner is insane so I will apply it at the beginning of the day and no matter what the line i draw will not smudge so if you want a kohl brown eyeliner that does not smudge I recommend this
  • The lipgloss is just a plain nude lip gloss and I like it however I am more of a lipstick person so I wasn't to bothered with this item
  • and the brush that it comes with to apply the eye shadow is pretty naff but how cares the set is so good it doesn't matter to me as I will just use my own make-up brushes. 
2.  Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Moisturiser With SPF 30 This works really well for me as a night time mosierisers as it is thick and really hydrating with the added bonus of SPF meaning I am still getting my daily dose of SPF! I use Clean & Clears Dual Action Oil-Free Moisturiser for the daytime as it very light and does not make my face shinny so if you have oily skin I cannot recommend this enough!

3.  Urban Decay Naked 2. I received this as a Christmas present and have used it everyday since! It seems like everyone has spoken about the Naked palettes so all I will say is go check them out. PS there is no link for this, as they seem to be sold out almost everywhere online but in the UK House of Fraser and Debenhams defiantly sell Urban Decay. 

4. Real Technique Brushes  are my new addiction, I have bought 'Sam's Picks' 'The Enhanced Eye's Starter Set' and the 'Blush Brush.' I love them all they are really affordable, incredibly soft and they all do their job well! I bought mine off of Amazon but they are also available in boots and Superdrug. 

5. This Month I have been loving Kurt Hugo Schneider's Youtube Channel, the music video's are so cool too watch and it all sounds really good, so if you are looking for some new tunes check his channel out! 

Holiday Essentials

So I have recently got back from spending 10 days in the Caribbean (Barbados), and I don't know how I would have survived without these two beauty essentials.

(I know that it is winter and so you wont be thinking about summer essentials, BUT, even for the everyday use these are perfect)

The Maybelline 'Babylips' has to be one of my best buys for my holiday, Bella had previously been using this and I knew it was a must have, and at £2.99 you can't beat it! I chose to purchase the pink punch colour, this adds a little bit of colour to your lips whilst hydrating as well. I found myself with dry lips on many occasions and therefore having this in my bag at all times was very helpful. There is a lot of product in the casing which can't always be said for many lip-balms and so this is a benefit. I personally LOVE this!

Another holiday essential that I have found for the past 2 years now is this Garnier 'Ambre Solaire' after sun and hydrating tan maintainer. This is the perfect moisturiser for all year round! If you are looking to maintain your summer tan as summer begins to end, this is perfect. However, in the depths of winter this is also very effective if you are going to go without tights and want to add a hint of colour. This moisturiser also adapts to your own skin colour as opposed to just splashing on a tint of orange, which we all know isn't ever successful.

Lots of Love, Emily x

Kurt Geiger Heels

(So FIRST, I would like to apologise for my lack of "blogging" over the last few weeks, we all know how the festive period can cause disruption and is always incredibly busy... but, I'm back!)

Kurt Geiger has to be one of my favourite shops to buy shoes, as soon as you enter one of the stores you are bombarded with elegance, chic, quirky and fashionable shoes. 

1) These Miss KG heels are a pair I purchased to wear to a ball. I was craving a pair of plain black platform heels and I knew that this would be the perfect excuse to invest in a pair. These heels are both elegant and gorgeous; the thin heel with the suede material make these shoes elegant. Whereas the height of the heel and depth of the platform, and the pointed toe make these shoes sexy and gorgeous. 

2)  We all know that sometimes we can have that nervous feeling when opening a Christmas present, however the moment I unwrapped the Carvela by Kurt Geiger shoe box I instantly knew I shouldn't be nervous. These shoes are incredibly elegant and chic. I am not one to wear lower heels, but these are an incredible exception. The small shiny platform give these shoes a little bit more height, which for me is perfect. I have been craving a pair of heels with an ankle strap, so I was delighted to see it. The strap is quilted with two buckles on the outside. These shoes are very comfortable with the zip up the back and the ankle strap. 

Lots of Love, Emily x 

New Years Resolutions..

1. Think before I buy! I have so many items that I NEVER wear..

2. Explore new Make Up brands

3. Stick to blogging

4. Invest in a good pair of jeans, these don't have to be expensive but I NEED ( yes, need) a good pair of jeans! Any Suggestions? 

5. Join the gym within the next two weeks, I was going to say be healthy but lets sets small goals to start with! 

Peace and Love B! XOXO