Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Cosies

Two of the most important things in the Winter, for me, is to be warm and cosy. Two of my winter essentials have to be a fluffy dressing gown and bed socks!

Getting up in the morning is hard enough when it's still dark outside, and the only thing that makes it better is putting on my dressing gown. This one from Next is long, fluffy, cosy, covered in reindeer and totally reasonably priced! I would highly recommend Next for winter warmers as they are stylish and reasonably priced with fantastic quality.

Fluffy socks have to be a winter essential for EVERYBODY! It's one thing to walk around on the cold kitchen floor in thin socks, but its a whole new story in bed socks! These socks are actually from Sainsburys, I've never thought of buying clothes from the TU section in Sainsburys, but these have proved to be a success. Although they are only socks, they are still something that need to be good quality and its safe to say that these are of high quality, warm, soft and cosy! Perfect for a lazy day around the house in the winter, or even inside a pair of winter boots when out and about!

Lots of Love, Emily x