Thursday, 2 January 2014

Holiday Essentials

So I have recently got back from spending 10 days in the Caribbean (Barbados), and I don't know how I would have survived without these two beauty essentials.

(I know that it is winter and so you wont be thinking about summer essentials, BUT, even for the everyday use these are perfect)

The Maybelline 'Babylips' has to be one of my best buys for my holiday, Bella had previously been using this and I knew it was a must have, and at £2.99 you can't beat it! I chose to purchase the pink punch colour, this adds a little bit of colour to your lips whilst hydrating as well. I found myself with dry lips on many occasions and therefore having this in my bag at all times was very helpful. There is a lot of product in the casing which can't always be said for many lip-balms and so this is a benefit. I personally LOVE this!

Another holiday essential that I have found for the past 2 years now is this Garnier 'Ambre Solaire' after sun and hydrating tan maintainer. This is the perfect moisturiser for all year round! If you are looking to maintain your summer tan as summer begins to end, this is perfect. However, in the depths of winter this is also very effective if you are going to go without tights and want to add a hint of colour. This moisturiser also adapts to your own skin colour as opposed to just splashing on a tint of orange, which we all know isn't ever successful.

Lots of Love, Emily x

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