Friday, 10 January 2014

Review: Baby Lips

The Baby Lips that I am reviewing today are 
In the UK we don't have a huge range of baby lips however we have most of the classics. I first bought Pinch Punch and Peach Kiss as I heard Bethany Mota talking about Baby Lips and thought I would give them a try. In this review I talk more about the colours etc as I don't think these are the most moisturising lip balms and if you have really chapped lips I would probably recommend Vaseline lip balm or Nivea, however these are great for trying to keep lips hydrated when in good condition. 


I love the colour of this one, in my opinion it is the most pigmented and has the strongest colour pay off. Whenever I wear this Lip balm I always get comments from my friends saying they love my lip colour, at first I actually didn't realise how bright it was and so if you shy when it comes to lip colours then this is probably not the best baby lips for you! However I LOVE it! I would call it a barbie pink and is great fro brightening up you look on a cold winters day ( which seems to be everyday at the moment in  the UK.) I keep this one in my pencil case at school so it's always handy if I have dry lips at school.


This is my latest purchase as I don't really own many Red Lipsticks as I don't think they suite me very much, however its a New Year so I'm trying it out, this is really subtle and isn't too strong. it's probably not my favourite however I will use it particularly if I am wearing Red Lipstick and want to use this as a colour enhancer. This one is kept with most of my other lipsticks as I don't reach for it daily. 

This is probably my favourite Babylips, I is my favourite smelling lip-balm however they all smell so good! They colour comes out as a subtle nude which is perfect for me and fits into my everyday routine. It has a slight sheen but nothing too noticeable. I pretty much always have this with me however it often sits on my dressing table with a few of my other most used lipsticks. 

I got this free in boots, as there was an offer - if you buy 3 Maybelline products you get this Lip Balm free!! I haven't ever seen a Babylips with this packaging before ( maybe it's an older version?!) however it is the most moisturising out of the ones I have. I use it every morning when I wake up to hydrate my lips. It is sheer but not too shiny so works really well as your average lip balm however something about it just doesn't feel quite as special as the other ones, I think its because this is more of a useful tool than another beauty item... Haha!!

Would I Buy More?

Yes!!  however I buy these because of the colours and not because I think they will help my chapped lips, I really wouldn't suggest getting these if you need some serious care, but they are great for a lip balm / lipstick combo. 

Peace and Love B!XOXO