Sunday, 23 February 2014

Favourite material item ❤️

If there is one material item I own that I love the most and have no regrets about buying is this beauty.... My Louis Vuitton handbag. 

Many people may assume that this is simply a "bragging post", but it's far from it... This bag is 100% worth every penny I paid for it and I want to share it with you lovely people!! 
I'm not usually one for a bag covered in the fashion label.. But this Louis Vuitton print is absolutely stunning. The dark colours of the outside contrasting with the bright red inside make this bag what it is! 
I think I picked the perfect size, I wouldn't of wanted a smaller size as that would make it impractical and a larger size would too! 

The small handles make this bag a fashion accessory as opposed to somewhere to just carry your stuff around in! This bag isn't just slung over your shoulder, it's held by your side or in front.. Drawing attention to it. 

Lots of love, Emily x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Primark Picks

Primark don't have an online store so here's what I'm currently loving from they're press shots! I'm pretty sure everything I am posting is in stores now.. Woop Woop! 

Peace and Love B! XOXO

Gym Clothing Idea's - Save

I'm trying to keep my momentum to keep going to the gym so here's some gym-speration.. 

  1. Pure Simple Sport Vest
  2. Adidas Prime Tank Top 
  3. Adidas Graphic Tee - 
  4. HM Running Top 
  5. Daisy Street Sweatshirt 
  6. H&M Sports Tights, (I particularly like  the patterned pair)
  7. Primark also do some really nice Sports wear which is great if you are on a budget! 
    Peace and Love B! XOXO

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Haul For My Dry Skin + A Link To A Video I Found On Youtube With Tips For Dry Skin!

My skin has really been suffering from dry skin this winter so here are a few things I bought this weekend to try and help my poor skin! 

Primer - I haven't ever really used primer before as my make-up usually stays on quite well, however in order to try and create a nice smooth base, so that I can try and avoid my foundation sticking to try patches of skin I have invested in a primer, I did some research and this Stay Perfect primer had really good reviews so I decided that this would work well for me.. 

Toner - I love simple, and if I am buying skincare I will usually start with Simple as its a great stepping stone into skincare, I am hoping the oxidants in this will help my skin hold some moisture and therefore stop it from drying out, plus this one is alcohol free which is always a plus as products with alcohol in can sometimes be drying on the skin. 

Foundation - I have been looking for a good foundation for dry skin and I have been lusting after Nars Sheer Glow however its so expensive and from what I have read Revlon's Colorstay is meant to be fabulous, so I bought the Revlon Colorstay foundation in Buff for Dry/Normal Skin and it was a perfect match for my skin colour, however this foundation really didn't work for me, it doesn't really blend into my skin and clung to my dry skin ( I even had a friend ask me what was wrong with my foundation!! Not happy about that) it just looked really thick on my face. So I think this was a waste of money for me and I actually gave it to my sister and she has loved it and has Normal Skin, so it wasn't a complete waste)

Night Cream - A friend of mine who is having the same dry skin problem as me recommended this Night Cream and said its fabulous so I can't wait to try it as I only bought it today!

Sponge- Apparently if you have dry skin its better to apply your foundation with a damp sponge so I have just ordered this sponge from real techniques. 

Check out this link for some helpful tips -

Peace and Love B! XOXO