Sunday, 9 February 2014

Haul For My Dry Skin + A Link To A Video I Found On Youtube With Tips For Dry Skin!

My skin has really been suffering from dry skin this winter so here are a few things I bought this weekend to try and help my poor skin! 

Primer - I haven't ever really used primer before as my make-up usually stays on quite well, however in order to try and create a nice smooth base, so that I can try and avoid my foundation sticking to try patches of skin I have invested in a primer, I did some research and this Stay Perfect primer had really good reviews so I decided that this would work well for me.. 

Toner - I love simple, and if I am buying skincare I will usually start with Simple as its a great stepping stone into skincare, I am hoping the oxidants in this will help my skin hold some moisture and therefore stop it from drying out, plus this one is alcohol free which is always a plus as products with alcohol in can sometimes be drying on the skin. 

Foundation - I have been looking for a good foundation for dry skin and I have been lusting after Nars Sheer Glow however its so expensive and from what I have read Revlon's Colorstay is meant to be fabulous, so I bought the Revlon Colorstay foundation in Buff for Dry/Normal Skin and it was a perfect match for my skin colour, however this foundation really didn't work for me, it doesn't really blend into my skin and clung to my dry skin ( I even had a friend ask me what was wrong with my foundation!! Not happy about that) it just looked really thick on my face. So I think this was a waste of money for me and I actually gave it to my sister and she has loved it and has Normal Skin, so it wasn't a complete waste)

Night Cream - A friend of mine who is having the same dry skin problem as me recommended this Night Cream and said its fabulous so I can't wait to try it as I only bought it today!

Sponge- Apparently if you have dry skin its better to apply your foundation with a damp sponge so I have just ordered this sponge from real techniques. 

Check out this link for some helpful tips -

Peace and Love B! XOXO