Sunday, 23 February 2014

Favourite material item ❤️

If there is one material item I own that I love the most and have no regrets about buying is this beauty.... My Louis Vuitton handbag. 

Many people may assume that this is simply a "bragging post", but it's far from it... This bag is 100% worth every penny I paid for it and I want to share it with you lovely people!! 
I'm not usually one for a bag covered in the fashion label.. But this Louis Vuitton print is absolutely stunning. The dark colours of the outside contrasting with the bright red inside make this bag what it is! 
I think I picked the perfect size, I wouldn't of wanted a smaller size as that would make it impractical and a larger size would too! 

The small handles make this bag a fashion accessory as opposed to somewhere to just carry your stuff around in! This bag isn't just slung over your shoulder, it's held by your side or in front.. Drawing attention to it. 

Lots of love, Emily x