Monday, 13 January 2014

New Purchase - Topshop Ankle Boots

So for a while now I have been craving a pair of new black ankle boots! For Christmas I got a trip to Paris in February and I decided that this was the perfect excuse to buy some stylish, everday ankle boots! 

I wanted to buy some that were adorable and affordable, and with a £20 gift card I had for Topshop I decided Topshop was the place to look! I generally try to avoid shoe shopping in Topshop because I find that I fall inlove with shoes that are far too expensive for me to buy! However, these boots were only £38! 

The boots are black suede and have a thin gold cap around the toe and gold studs up the back of the ankle to match the gold strap on the side. Although I originally wanted plain black boots, I loved these because although they were plain black.. They also had that extra bit of detail which makes them even more stylish! 

I am generally a size 4/5 however when they had ran out of my size I decided to try on a size 6 and these were suprisigy comfortable. They are definitely the type of shoe that I would go a size up in because they may be hard to get on if that are the actual size. Also I tend to wear thick fluffy socks with these boots too! 

The boots have a slight heel, very slight! And this makes the boots more stylish and chic in my opinion as it shows they are not just a crappy rubber sole which will ware-away in the winter weather. 

Although they are winter boots, I personally would not wear them in the rain due to the suede material and I think this would be the only downfall with these boots! 

I would definitely recommend these! 

Lots of love, Emily x