Saturday, 4 January 2014

ELF Haul

E.L.F  Haul - which stands for Eyes.Lips.Face ( Who Knew.. well everyone bar me apparently!!) 

I spent £28 with postage and packaging so I feel like you really do get great value for money at E.L.F. All the products I bought are pictures on the left.

What I Bought.

  1. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Set - It was 50% off and is perfect for when I feel like experimenting with some new make-up looks! I would like to add the eye shadows arn't quite as bright as they appear in the picture however that doesn't really bother me...
  2. Eyelid Primer - I think this is probably my favourite purchase and at £1.50 it is an major bargain, I bought the primer in pearl and it is stunning I have also been wearing it on its own as I think it is a great bright everyday colour, however this eyelid primer is shimmery so if you want a Matte base this is not for you!
  3.  Studio High Definition Powder - I like this and bought it in translucent, I bought this because I am looking for a good setting powder and I will keep you updated with this one as I have no used it enough to give you my full opinion, however the packaging is kind off silly as the holes in the top mean it is not very portable. 
  4. Eyeliner and Shadow Stick -  I bought this in the colour Brown/Basic for an everyday look and I do really like the product however the shadow stick is more of a coper than an everyday eyeshadow so the picture is a little misleading, I don't mind this too much as I can always find another occasion to wear it!
  5. Mineral Foundation - This cost me £2.99! I think it gives a light matte finish and it is perfect for those days when I want to have a 'no make up, make up look.' It's also great for when I don't want to put on liquid foundation. I also bought medium beige which turned out to me a great match for me!
  6.  Studio Pigment Eyeshadow - I bought this in two colours, Innocent Ivory and Baked brown. I think this eyeshadow is so cool, you need the tinniest amount and then you blend it in and it becomes this luscious full colour! I honestly say you need to try these. The only downside for me was that Innocent Ivory was more of a pinky/white and so isn't going to work for the inner corners of my eye! 

Me With the E.L.F Make-Up On... Do you have any favourite E.L.F products? 

Peace and Love B! XOXO