Friday, 6 December 2013

Review: Models Own Nail Polish

I have tons of different nail varnish's, which is kind off a strange thing for me as I have TINY nails! I just bought Models own ice neon 'bubblegum & pukka purple.' 

I am going to be 100% honest but please remember I am not saying this will defiantly work or not work for you, everyone is different and you might love something I hate and visa versa. 

These two colours are my first models own nail polish's, in all honestly I was out shopping and just came across their stall, I bought the nail polish's for the colour and later when I got home I did a little research into them NEW TIP: the only way to keep bright colours supper bright is to keep them cold, ideally in the fridge... Who knew?!  

All models own nail polish's are £5 which is a pretty good price as they are not super cheap or super expensive. I found that the nail varnish was of good quality and the pricing was perfect as I didn't feel ripped off, in fact it felt like a bargain!

The  brush was just a typical brush and the nail varnish applied well, I found that one coat was plenty as it is quite pigmented and thick. This is super handy as I don't have to paint one layer on and then wait for it to try and then do another layer. It's nice a simple - one layer. It took 3-4 to chip and I didn't have a top coat on, which is fab, although I would defiantly recommend a top coat 

The colours of both are so nice a bright, which was just what I wanted, I found the pink to be a lot brighter as you can probably guess from the bottle. So if you want a colour to pop and stand out from the crowd go for the pink! On the other hand if you want a bright colour that is an understated beauty go for the purple. 

Now to my favourite thing about these nail varnishes.. The bottle. I know 'you shouldn't judge a book by its cover' but it's just so pretty. I frosted bottle looks so classy and feels so nice to hold and yet the colourful cap keeps it fun and lively. 

Go check out the rest of the collection at

peace and love B! XOXO