Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Getting A Jump On This Years Resolutions

This year I have 3 resolutions, and like any year, at this very moment in time I believe 2016 will be the year I keep them! Fingers Crossed eh? 

1. GET BACK INTO BLOGGING - This is in capitals because its a MASSIVE resolution for me. I love the blogging community and how I am surrounded by people wanting to help and support each other instead of knock each other down. I have had the word 'BLOG' pinned on my wall for at least 6 months and yet NOTHING. I kept making excuses and I'm fed up of my own ways. (side note does anyone else ever feel like Carrie Bradshaw when writing a blog post?! No. Just me?)

2. Be more adventurous with my Style. By this I don't mean wearing 5 different types of stripes at once or anything crazy, it's just I've gotten lazy with my style - Jeans and a jumper have been my go to for far to long. I love that feeling when I wear a stylish outfit and you just feel like you own the world, so I'm going to try and make a bigger effort. ( please know I am sitting in my Pj's right now, but lets not count this, okay?) 

3. Stick to my healthy habits. I have been really trying to get healthy since July, however have probably only committed to this since October. I have been eating healthier and am starting to see improvement in my skin & if I'm honest I haven't experienced much weight loss, but that's something that I think will come slowly - which I'm OK with as I'm trying to stick to a 'lifestyle' not a 'diet.' 

Do you have any resolutions? Do mine sound familiar to yours? 

Peace & Love Bells. xx