Thursday, 6 March 2014

E.L.F - The Good and The Bad #2

I always underestimate how important it is to clean my make-up brushes but between school, work and catching up on pretty little liars and teen wolf I just don’t find the time to always thoroughly clean my brushes.. this is where this FAB product comes in handy, all I have to do is spray it on a cotton wool pad, swirl my brush on it a few times and it keeps the majority of germs away until I find time to do a full on brush clean! So handy, so cheap and so cheerful…

One thing I will say about this concealer is I LOVE the smell, it smells all fruity and yummy however apart from that this product was a complete waste of my money, it doesn’t last and creases a lot, I mean I wasn’t expecting much when I bought this product as it cost me like £1.50 but it literally does nothing except make me look worse! Oh well I guess we live and learn..

Peace and Love B! XOXO