Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hi all, 

Sorry for not posting in a while, it's a busy time with exams and all! 

So I'm hoping on travelling to Dubai in the Easter holidays for a break before I get stuck into exams. I've been doing my research and OBVIOUSLY been searching for new clothes!! It's clear that when holidaying in the UAE you need to cover your shoulders, and I've found that the best way to do this, whilst still staying stylish, is to wear a kimono. It's quite hard to come across a good one. 

I was browsing in sainsburys and thought id nip to the clothes section, funnily enough I found a kimono. It was beautiful, black and had orange patterns on the front. However... When I put it on, even a size 8, it was HUGE... The shape was so unflattering as it just flapped around and did no favours at all. 

And since the I've been looking online on Asos.. And I've found that River Island have the best selection of kimonos for both evening wear and beach. 

So I recommend that if you are planning on purchasing a kimono for the forthcoming summer season... Make sure you try before you buy!! 

Emily x