Thursday, 20 March 2014

E.L.F The Good and The Bad #3

TheE.L.F eye-lid primer has been a staple in my make-up routine since I bought the product, although I often use it as an eye shadow as it creates a beautiful bright white colour on my eyes and lasts well as it is a primer, as a primer this product helps to enhance the eye shadows on my eyes and helps them stay prominent for longer, I mean this won’t do LOADS but it does help and is defiantly worth trying as an eye shadow as it looks so soft and effortless.

*Sigh* I lack decent bronzers in my make-up bag and I recently dropped my favourite bronzer and need to fix it so I thought I would start to test out my ‘cool elf bronzer’.. and it made my face look muddy and patchy, oooh I tell  you now it was not a good look, I looked awful all day and felt so embarrassed, the colours didn’t blend well on the palate, it just looked to deep and dark on my face – even after I blended it in.

quick side note, everyone’s skin tones are different so this bronzer may work for you. 

Peace and love B! XOXO